Move your Molecules for the Phase Change dance

As part of The Bradford Bubble Up, we’re hosting a huge dance-off in the Mirror Pool on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September.
Dance United Yorkshire and choreographer Gary Clarke have teamed up to present a totally unique and new dance routine to David Bowie’s ‘Changes’.

The song was chosen to represent the way water changes to ice and steam, as well as the way Bradford has the power to change itself in any way it wants to. All the dance moves also relate to water, ice and steam, and you can move your molecules to jump from one state to another.

The moves are easy to learn, and even if you can only manage to remember the chorus you’re encouraged to join in.

We’re also having a big rehearsal from 12pm-1pm on Tuesday 14th August in City Park, so come along on your lunch break and join Dance United Yorkshire and Gary Clarke as they teach you all the moves from scratch.

If you’re learning the dance by yourself, or with your friends, family or colleagues send us some photos or video to and we’ll share them online to inspire others.