Mirror Pool

  • Phase Change
  • Sonic Journeys

The UK’s largest urban water feature in Bradford’s City Park will play host to some mass choreography. Come and dance among the fountains or relax around the edges and watch the action in this award-winning public space.


  • Seven Streams
  • Urban Beach
  • Riverbed

Empty spaces on Bradford’s oldest city centre street will be brought to life with artwork in the empty spaces up and down the road, and with an urban beach in the square at the bottom.

Jacobs Well Street Subway

  • Sub-Marine

The subway between the National Science and Media Museum and Jacobs Well will be animated with creative activity. Already the site of some colourful artwork depicting the Bradford district, it will be illuminated with water-themed art.

Darley St.

  • Beneath the Waves
  • Giant Waterslide

A giant waterslide will make full use of the steep slope from the top of town towards the bottom. Darley Street is the proposed location for a new market and has most recentlty been used by artists and creative organisations for pop-up events and studio space, so enjoy the view as you whizz past.

Bradford Beck

  • Follow the Beck

Follow Bradford’s underground waterway with live performances that track its hidden path. Built over in the 19th Century, Bradford’s city centre waterways were used to power mills, and even to ‘scold unruly women’ by immersing them on a ducking stool.

National Science and Media Museum

  • Bubble Up Opening Party

The National Science and Media Museum explores the science and culture of image and sound technologies and their impact on our lives.
The Museum’s mission is to inspire the scientists and engineers of the future to see more, hear more, think more and do more.
Their galleries and exhibition spaces help to illuminate world-famous collections in photography, film and television. And their three cinema screens—including an IMAX theatre—allow them to showcase the magic of moving images from around the world in Bradford, the first UNESCO City of Film.